This was my first game. It was a first version made in May 2017.In June 2017 i made the final version.


This is an action arcade/platform game for Spectrum 48K (without music)/128K (with AY music) made using Arcade Game Designer 4.7.

The main character is Jack Scavenger (the player), a novice treasure hunter.

Since saw the Indina Jones movies that Jack is fascinating by this type of adventures.

So he decided to risk his luck.

A friend of him had a reference about a treasure hidden in the Caves of Lune Mountain.

So, in his first adventure, Jack has the mission to find the Treasure of Lumos.

For this he has to explore the Caves of Lune Mountain, where he will find various relics, keys to open the closed doors and... hazards.

To complete the mission, Jack must reach the jeep WITH THE TREASURE!


The game has 29 playable screens.
The treasure is in a chest deep in the caves.
To reach it, jack must find the 5 keys that open the respective door:
- 4 doors and keys are numbered (1 to 4);
- Main door and respective main door key are not numbered.
Jack can also pick up 45 relics in his way that rises the score... and an extra life.

But the task it's not that easy. He will face many hazards in his way, like:
- The patrolling enemies;
- The stones that fall from the ceiling;
- The bouncing bubbles and birds that patrolling the air;
- The deadly weeds and bonfires scattered across the floor.

Touching anything of this means losing 1 life.

Jack can use lifts (elevator platforms) and teleporters to reach places or/and collect some relics.

He also has to activate levers to access some places.

In the bottom of the game screen we can see:
- The number of lives;
- The number of relics collected;
- The actual score;
- The treasures collected (0 or 1).

Jack starts with 5 or 8 lives, chosen in the Menu just before starting the adventure.

Losing all lives means GAME OVER.


The character can be moved using Keyboard:

  • Q for UP
  • A for DOWN
  • O for LEFT
  • P for RIGHT
  • M for JUMP


  • Game made by Jaime Grilo using Arcade Game Designer (AGD) 4.7 by Jonathan Cauldwell
  • Music by Riskej
  • Additional code by David Saphier
  • Font (charcters): Spectrum default



[Initial Version]

Game Download 1
Game Download 2






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[Final Version]

Game Download


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